Let’s Talk About Sex (Work): An analysis of the criminalization of sex work in Canada


  • Bonnie Densmore




This paper examines the implementation of the 2014 Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA) and how it has impacted the experiences of sex workers in Canada. Previous research on this topic has largely focused on the effects of prostitution laws prior to 2014. This work emphasized the risks associated with the profession, the relations between workers and protective services, and the stigmatization of the industry. I aim to contribute to this literature on sex work in Canada by analyzing reports and news articles from five sex work advocacy groups across Canada to evaluate the effects of the PCEPA. Findings indicate that not only has the PCEPA failed to correct its previous shortcomings, but it has further amplified the risks associated with the profession, alienation from law enforcement and health services, and the stigmatization of sex workers.