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2015 - Spring


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Learning in Public: Highlighting Coursework on the Web

Evan Peter Williamson -

Keywords: book trailers, youtube, videos, children's services, youth services, instruction, digitization


A brief look highlighting some of the web content created as coursework by students at UBC's School of Library, Archival and Information Studies.

If you are reading this, the first issue of the See Also is here! Hooray!

See Also will be a great venue to share and showcase some of the traditional scholarly output we produce here at SLAIS. However, we have a variety of projects in our courses and professional experiences which are not academic papers, many of which involve creating online content such as videos and websites. Rather than private learning (no peeking at your neighbour's test), online content gives us the chance to create valuable educational resources for our peers and participate in a more open dialogue. We learn about the production, use, and dissemination of knowledge by doing it! Skill in social, public learning is something we will carry into the profession.

Every semester I am excited to see the work of my peers. For example, watching all the book trailers on the last day of Services for Young Adults is one of the best class periods you will ever have! It is sad to see so little of this work shared outside of the classroom context, since they could be helpful for future students of the course, prospective SLAIS students, or anyone who wants to see some great content. With these aims in mind, I asked for submissions from current students of online content they would like to share. Below is a highlight list of a few regularly offered courses with media assignments and some great recent content (please note this is not a peer reviewed section).

LIBR 527: Library Services to Children

(Taught by Judith Saltman)

Students in this course create videos for the Canadian Award Winning Book Trailers series, developed in coordination with Canadian Libraries Are Serving Children (

Title: Alligator Pie, by Dennis Lee, illustrated by Frank Newfeld


Creators: Anna Ferri and Marché Riley

Notes: Created using PowerPoint and Camtasia, Anna said that “the process of trying every trick I could to make it look as little like a slide show as possible (or at least the most attractive slide show possible) really stretched my creativity. It was a good exercise in trying to create something fun and attractive with minimal resources.”

Title: Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, by Mordecai Richler


Creator: Matthew Murray

Notes: Features a mashup of archival film in a silent movie format.

LIBR 528: Services for Young Adults

(Taught by Eric Meyers)

Video project loving Eric Meyers assigns book trailers for this course, a great project that gets us all excited about YA books! There are some excellent examples on the iSchool YouTube Channel,

Title: Incarceron (by Catherine Fisher)


Creator: Evan Williamson

Notes: I mashed together Creative Commons images and music to create this video using VSDC Free Video Editor and Audacity.

LIBR 535: Instructional Role of the Librarian

(Taught by Eric Meyers)

Video tutorials are all the rage in instruction (Check out UBC Arts ISIT “Ideas and Strategies for Using Video in the Classroom” featuring Eric Meyers, They can be embedded at the point of need to give just-in-time help to patrons. After creating a 60+ minute lesson plan and giving a 10 minute in person lesson, Eric has students create a pithy 2-4 minute video tutorial.

Title: Exporting citations from Web of Science to Mendeley


Creator: Stefania Alexandru

Notes: Created using Camtasia, this video gives step-by-step instructions about collecting and exporting citations using the Mendeley browser plugin at UBC Library.

Title: How to use GoodReads to find awesome new books!


Creator: Amanda Wanner

Notes: Need an Awesome book to read? This video will show you how to find one.

Title: How to Register for an OJS Journal


Creator: Evan Williamson

Notes: Featuring the famous See Also, this video will show you exactly how to register for an OJS journal. Do it today!

LIBR 582: Digital Images and Text Collections

(Taught by Richard Arias-Hernandez)

As a major project, students in this course select, digitize, and curate a digital collection, making some truly fascinating materials available online. Many of the projects can be browsed on the iSchool's instance of CONTENTdm (

Title: Beatlemania! Vancouver 1964


Creators: Cecilia Rose and Sarika Kelm

Notes: Featuring archival images and articles from the Vancouver Sun and The Province, this collection documents the Beatles first concert in Canada, opening the 1964 Pacific National Exhibition. The images are filled with wild fans and gems of 1960's fashion.

Title: Society for the Museum of Original Costume Virtual Museum


Creators: Nichole DeMichelis and Lauren Washuk

Notes: The Society for the Museum of Original Costume (SMOC) holds a collection of more than 8,000 items of historic fashion, costume, and textile from 1800's to the present. Nichole and Lauren put together this digital collection to provide access and help spur momentum for a physical museum space.

Title: Gilean Douglas Fonds


Creators: Jill Tokutomi, Kelty Roberts, and Matthew Murray

Notes: A fascinating selection of photographs documenting a 1920's roadtrip across the southern U.S. and Mexico from an album in the Gilean Douglas fonds. Gilean Douglas was a prominent Canadian nature author, poet, feminist, and photojournalist.

“Do the Thing!”

Finally, this is not coursework, but an act of love from our outgoing LASSA webmaster, Matthew Murray: the Students at SLAIS site, In addition to the definitive SLAIS community calendar, Matthew brought together a bunch of resources helpful for our students such as reviews of courses and organizations. Check it out and contribute!


But of course there's much more than just this! If you've created an online project for one of your classes at SLAIS we invite you to share it with your fellow students (and us!), and we'll try to feature some of them in future issues of See Also.