Increasing Patient Involvement in Health Professional Education

  • Melissa Ng University of British Columbia
  • Jenny Chu University of British Columbia


Patient-centred care is a concept taught throughout the health disciplines, but the expertise of the patient in their own experiences and unique needs is often neglected. Increasing patient involvement in education is an essential stepping-stone towards a partnership model of patient-health professional communication in practice, and there is much room for development and expansion, especially in health professional education at UBC. In this opinion paper, we discuss the rationale for patient-educators and present examples of activities for student involvement, based on our work in the Division of Health Care Communication. The UBC medical program is presented as a focus for discussion, with implications for all health disciplines.

Author Biographies

Melissa Ng, University of British Columbia
Vancouver Fraser Medical Program 2017, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
Jenny Chu, University of British Columbia

Vancouver Fraser Medical Program 2016, Faculty of Medicine, UBC