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Cinephile 17.1 New Lenses on Old Hollywood is now available!


I am very excited to announce that the newest issue of Cinephile, New Lenses on Old Hollywood, is now live here on OJS, along with Cinephile's entire archive of back issues. Each issue is available to be viewed and downloaded in full, with further viewing and downloading options for each individual article. Cinephile's archives contain a wealth of high-quality research of great relevance to current film studies scholars, and I am excited that this new hosting will make this work so much more accessible to researchers.

For the current issue, we are proud to feature contributions from James Naremore, Cynthia Ann Baron, Wendy Haslem, Emily Carman, Monica Roxanne Sandler, Jimmy Dean Smith, Magdalina El-Masry, and Ash Kinney d'Harcourt, with a cover and interior illustrations by Aislynn Davey.