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  • Social and Regional Factors in Canadian English: A Study of Phonological Variables and Grammatical Items in Ottawa and Vancouver by Gaelan Dodds de Wolf

-Reviewed by Bernard Saint-Jaques (pgs: 118-21)

  • British Columbia Reconsidered: Essays on Women by Gillian Creese

-Reviewed by Wendy Mitchinson (pgs: 121-3)

  • Law for the Elephant, Law for the Beaver: Essays in the Legal History of the North American West by John McLaren

-Reviewed by Tina Loo (pgs: 123-6)

  • Community, Environment and Health: Geographic Perspectives by Michael V. Hayes

-Reviewed by Jody Decker (pgs: 126-8)

  • Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes: The Anthropology of Museums by Michael M. Ames

-Reviewed by Douglas Cole (pgs: 128-32)

  • The Alaska Highway in World War II: The U.S. Army of Occupation in Canada's Northwest by Kenneth Coates, William R. Morrison

-Reviewed by J.L. Granastein (pgs: 132-4)




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