Book Reviews

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  • The Writing on the Wall by Hilda Glynn-Ward

-Reviewed by W. Peter Ward (pgs: 54-6)

  • Watch-Fires on the Mountains: The Life and Writings of Ethel Johns by Margaret M. Street
  • Quest for a Profession: The History of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing by Nora Kelly

-Reviewed by Margaret E. Kerr (pgs: 58-9)

  • The Social Economy of the Tlingit Indians by Kalervo Oberg

-Reviewed by J.V. Powell (pgs: 59-62)

  • Fire in the Raven's Nest, The Haida of British Columbia by Norman Newton

-Reviewed by Marjorie Mitchell (pgs: 62-4)

  • Pillars of Profit: The Company Province 1934-1972 by Martin Robin

-Reviewed by Edwin R. Black (pgs: 64-8)

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