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  • Vancouver Island by Sydney W. Jackman
  • The Unknown Island by Ian Smith

-Reviewed by Walter D. Young (pgs: 76-7)

  • Bowen Island, 1872- 1972 by Irene Howard

-Reviewed by Robert D. Watt (pgs: 77-9)

  • Artifacts of the Northwest Coast Indians by Hilary Stewart

-Reviewed by Grant Keddie (pgs: 79-82)

  • The Struggle for Survival: Indian Cultures and the Protestant Ethic in British Columbia by Forrest E. LaViolette

-Reviewed by Jacqueline Gresko (pgs: 82-4)

  • Those Born at Koona by J. Smyly

-Reviewed by Charles Lillard (pgs: 84-8)

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