Book Reviews

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  • Flood Tide of Empire: Spain and the Pacific Northwest, 1543-1819 by Warren L. Cook

-Reviewed by Christon I. Archer (pgs: 48-53)

  • British Columbia: One Hundred Years of Geographical Change by Walter Hardwick

-Reviewed by Charles N. Forward (pgs: 53-5)

  • Residential and Neighborhood Studies in Victoria by Charles N. Forward

-Reviewed by David Ley (pgs: 55-8)

  • "Haida Burial Practices...;" Jerome S. Cybulski, "The Gust Island Burial Shelter: Physical Anthropology;" Archaeological Survey of Canada Mercury Series (Paper No. 9.) by George F. MacDonald

-Reviewed by Donald H. Mitchell (pgs: 59-60)

  • B.C. Rail Guides by Canadian Railroad Historical Association

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 60-1)

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