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  • The Royal Navy and the Northwest Coast of North America, 1810-1914 by Barry M. Gough

-Reviewed by W. Kaye Lamb (pgs: 75-8)

  • Trade Liberalization and a Regional Economy by G. R. Munro, J. H. Young, Ronald A. Shearer

-Reviewed by Don J. DeVoretz (pgs: 79-84)

  • Indian Families of the Northwest Coast: The Impact of Change by Claudia Lewis

-Reviewed by Michael Kew (pgs: 84-6)

  • When Russia was in America by Mykhaylo Huculak

-Reviewed by Joseph C. Lawrence (pgs: 86-8)

  • Aboriginal Man and Environments on the Plateau of North West America by Rachel A. Smith

-Reviewed by Roy L. Carlson (pgs: 88)

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