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  • Authentic Indians: Episodes of Encounter from the Late Nineteenth-Century Northwest Coast by Paige Raibmon

-Reviewed by (pgs: 113-6)

  • With Good Intentions: Euro-Canadian and Aboriginal Relations in Colonial Canada by Celia Haig-Brown

-Reviewed by Theodore Binnema (pgs: 116-8)

  • The British Columbia Atlas of Child Development by Paul Kershaw

-Reviewed by Mona Gleason (pgs: 118-21)

  • Child and Family Welfare in British Columbia: A History by Diane Purvey

-Reviewed by Suzanne Smythe (pgs: 121-3)

  • Historical Atlas of Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley by Derek Hayes

-Reviewed by Sally Hermansen (pgs: 123-6)

  • First Invaders: The Literary Origins of British Columbia by Alan Twigg

-Reviewed by Daniel Clayton (pgs: 126-8)

  • Klondike Cattle Drive by Norman Lee

-Reviewed by Fran Gundry (pgs: 128-9)

  • Dr. Fred and the Spanish Lady: Fighting the Killer Flu by Betty O'Keefe

-Reviewed by Mona Kaiser (pgs: 129-31)

  • Kosaburo Shimizu: The Early Diaries, 1909-1926 by Grace Arai

-Reviewed by (pgs: 131-2)




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