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  • States of Nature: Conserving Canada's Wildlife in the Twentieth Century by Tina Loo

-Reviewed by Billy Parenteau (pgs: 131-4)

  • Finding Families, Finding Ourselves: English Canada Encounters Adoption from the 19th Century to the 1990's by Veronica Strong-Boag

-Reviewed by Lori Chambers (pgs: 134-7)

  • Recognizing Aboriginal Title: The Mabo Case and Indigenous Resistance to English-Settler Colonialismby Peter Russell

-Reviewed by (pgs: 137-9)

  • Good Intentions Gone Awry: Emma Crosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest Coast by Jan Hare, Jean Barman

-Reviewed by John Barker (pgs: 139-40)

  • In the Days of Our Grandmothers: A Reader in Aboriginal Women's History in Canada by Mary-Ellen Kelm, Lorna Townsend

-Reviewed by Chelsea Horton (pgs: 140-2)

  • A Passion for Mountains: The Lives of Don and Phyllis Munday by Kathryn Bridge

-Reviewed by Karen Routledge (pgs: 142-4)

  • Power and Restructuring: Canada's Coastal Society and Environment by Peter Sinclair, Rosemary Ommer

-Reviewed by (pgs: 146-8)

  • Far West: The Story of British Columbia by Daniel Francis

-Reviewed by (pgs: 148-9)

  • The Woman in the Trees by Gerry William

-Reviewed by (pgs: 149-50)

  • Up-Coast: Forests and Industry on British Columbia's North Coast. 1870-2005 by Richard A. Rajala

-Reviewed by Duff Sutherland (pgs: 151-3)

  • Empire's Edge: American Society in Nome, Alaska, 1898-1934 by Preston Jones

-Reviewed by (pgs: 153-4)

  • Hills of Silver: The Yukon's Mighty Keno Hill Mine by Aaro E. Aho

-Reviewed by (pgs: 154-5)

  • Salmon Farming: The Whole Story by Peter Robson

-Reviewed by Dorothee Schreiber (pgs: 155-7)

  • Whiskey Bullets: Cowboy and Indian Heritage Poems by Garry Gottfriedson

-Reviewed by Connie Brim (pgs: 157-9)




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