Book Reviews



  • Creating a Modern Countryside: Liberalism and Land Resettlement in British Columbia by James Murton

-Reviewed by John Belshaw (pgs: 141-3)

  • Culturing Wilderness in Jasper National Park: Studies in Two Centuries of Human History in the Upper Athabasca River Watershed by I.S. MacLaren

-Reviewed by Claire Campbell (pgs: 143-5)

  • Finding Ft. George by Rob Budde

-Reviewed by Mark Diotte (pgs: 145-7)

  • The Reckoning of Boston Jim: A Novel by Claire Mulligan

-Reviewed by Jocelyn Smith (pgs: 147-8)

  • At the Far Reaches of Empire: The Life of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra by Freeman Tovell

-Reviewed by Roderick J. Barman (pgs: 148-9)

  • Tsimshian Treasures: The Remarkable Journey of the Dundas Collection by Donald Ellis

-Reviewed by Karen Duffek (pgs: 150-2)

  • In Search of Canadian Political Culture by Nelson Wiseman

-Reviewed by Dennis Pilon (pgs: 152-5)

  • Capital and Labour in the British Columbia Forest Industry, 1934-1974 by Gordon Hak

-Reviewed by Roger Hayter (pgs: 155-7)

  • The Story of Dunbar: Voices of a Vancouver Neighbourhood by Peggy Schofield
  • The Ambitious City: A History of the City of North Vancouver by Warren Sommer

-Reviewed by Meg Stanley (pgs: 158-160)

  • The British Columbia Atlas of Wellness by Leslie T. Foster, Leslie T. Foster

-Reviewed by Neil Hanlon (pgs: 160-2)

  • Liquid Gold: Energy Privatization in British Columbia by John Calvert

-Reviewed by Mark Jaccard (pgs: 162-4)

  • Coasts Under Stress: Restructuring and Social-Ecological Health by Rosemary Ommer

-Reviewed by Tracy Summerville (pgs: 164-6)

  • Basking Sharks: The Slaughter of BC's Gentle Giants by Scott Wallace
  • Whales and Dolphins of the North American Pacific including Seals and other Marine Mammals by Graeme Cresswell, Dylan Walker

-Reviewed by Anna Hall (pgs: 166-8)






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