Book Reviews



  • Fort St. James and New Caledonia: Where British Columbia Began by Marie Elliott

-Reviewed by William R. Morrison (pgs: 107-8)

  • Captain Alex MacLean: Jack London's Sea Wolf by Don MacGillivray

-Reviewed by Cary C. Collins (pgs: 108-9)

  • Making Wawa: The Genesis of Chinook Jargon by George Lang

-Reviewed by Forrest D. Pass (pgs: 109-10)

  • The Last Best West: An Exploration of Myth, Identity and Quality of Life in Western Canada by James Hoffman, W. F. Garrett-Petts, Anne Gagnon

-Reviewed by Ken Favrholdt (pgs: 110-2)

  • Never Shoot a Stampede Queen: A Rookie Reporter in the Cariboo by Mark Leiren-Young

-Reviewed by Jenny Clayton (pgs: 112-3)

  • Beyond the Chilcotin: On the Home Ranch with Pan Phillips by Diana Philips

-Reviewed by John Thistle (pgs: 113-4)

  • Go Do Some Great Thing: The Black Pioneers of British Columbia by Crawford Kilian

-Reviewed by James W. St. G. Walker (pgs: 114-5)

  • The Rise of Jewish Life and Religion in British Columbia, 1858-1948 by Cyril Leonoff

-Reviewed by Ira Robinson (pgs: 115-6)

  • Victoria Underfoot: Excavating a City's Secrets by Brenda Clark, Nicole Kilburn, Nick Russell

-Reviewed by R. G. Matson (pgs: 116-7)

  • Comrades and Critics: Women, Literature, and the Left in 1930s Canada by Candida Rifkind

-Reviewed by Carole Gerson (pgs: 117-8)

  • The Anachronicles by George McWhirter
  • The Verse Map of Vancouver by Derek von Essen, George McWhirter

-Reviewed by Jason V. Starnes (pgs: 118-20)

  • The Weather of the Pacific Northwest by Cliff Mass

-Reviewed by Ian McKendry (pgs: 120-2)






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