Book Reviews



  • Breaking Ground by Lynda V. Mapes

-Reviewed by Bruce G. Miller (pgs: 115-116)

  • Cascadia by Douglas Todd

-Reviewed by Laurie Ricou (pgs: 117-118)

  • Tragedy at Second Narrows by Eric Jamieson
  • Falsework? by Gary Geddes

-Reviewed by Mark Leier (pgs: 119-120)

  • Becoming British Columbia by John Belshaw

-Reviewed by Forrest D. Pass (pgs: 120-122)

  • Reasoning Otherwise by Ian McKay

-Reviewed by Gary Teeple (pgs: 122-127)

  • Legacy in Wood by Ryan Wahl

-Reviewed by Forrest D. Pass (pgs: 127-129)

  • Now It's Called Princeton by John Bartlett, Rika Ruebsaat
  • River of Gold by Susan Dobbie

-Reviewed by John Belshaw (pgs: 127-128)

  • Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet by Masakao Fukawa, Stanley Fukawa, The Nikkei Fisherman's History Book Committee

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 130-131)

  • Surveying Central British Columbia by Jay Sherwood

-Reviewed by Frank Leonard (pgs: 131-132)

  • Seeking Balance by Anne Edwards

-Reviewed by Tina Block (pgs: 132-133)

  • I Am Full Moon by Lily Hoy Price

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 134-135)

  • Where the Pavement Ends by Marie Wadden

-Reviewed by Shelly Johnson (pgs: 135-136)






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