Assessing BC Electricity Policy Since 2002 and the Government's 2011 Review of BC Hydro

  • Marjorie Griffin Cohen Simon Fraser University
  • John Calvert Simon Fraser University
Keywords: electricity, BC Hydro, energy, government policy, public utilities, Liberal Party, hydroelectric power


In the 21st century the BC Government has brought about substantial changes in its approach to electricity generation.  The effects of these changes are beginning to be felt through substantial rate increases.  Public concern about the rapid rate increases prompted a govenrment review of BC Hydro to determine how these costs might be reduced.  This article argues that the Review was narrowly focused and did not examine the most significant cost drivers for BC Hydro.  The article documents the three most significant government directives related to electricity, and analyzes the recommendations of the Review of BC Hydro.

Author Biographies

Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Simon Fraser University
Professsor, Political Science and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
John Calvert, Simon Fraser University
Associate Professor, Health Sciences Faculty