Book Reviews



  • The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia by Carol Mayer, Anthony Shelton (eds.)

Reviewed by Jonathan A. Clapperton (pgs: 131-132)

  • Challenging Traditions: Contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast by Ian M. Thom

Reviewed by Megan A. Smetzer (pgs: 132-133)

  • The Power of Promises: Rethinking Indian Treaties in the Pacific Northwest by Alexandra Harmon

Reviewed by Paulette Regan (pgs: 133-135)

  • Visions of British Columbia: A Landscape Manual by Bruce Grenville, Scott Steedman
  • Solitary Raven: The Essential Writings of Bill Reid by Robert Bringhurst

Reviewed by Karen Duffek (pgs: 135-136)

  • The Maquinna Line: A Family Saga by Norma Macmillan

Reviewed by K. Jane Watt (pgs: 137-138)

  • The Business of Women: Marriage, Family, and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1901-1951 by Melanie Buddle

Reviewed by Tina Block (pgs: 138-139)

  • Women on Ice: The Early Years of Women's Hockey in Western Canada by Wayne Norton

Reviewed by David Mills (pgs: 139-142)

  • Terrain of Memory: A Japanese Canadian Memorial Project by Kirsten Emiko McAllister

Reviewed by Cole Harris (pgs: 142-144)

  • Asian Religions in British Columbia by Baker Don, DeVries Larry, Overmyer Daniel (eds).

Reviewed by Diana Lary (pgs: 144-145)

  • Vancouver Special by Charles Demers

Reviewed by Robert A.J. McDonald (pgs: 145-146)

  • Speaking for a Long Time: Public Space and Social Memory in Vancouver by Adrienne L. Burk

Reviewed by David Hugill (pgs: 146-149)

  • Imagining British Columbia: Land, Memory & Place by Daniel Francis (ed.)

Reviewed by Jenny Clayton (pgs: 149-150)






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