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  • The Final Forest: Big Trees, Forks, and the Pacific Northwest by William Dietrich

Reviewed by Emily Jane Davis (pgs: 171-173)

  • Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples: Canada, Australia, and New Zealand by Louis Knalfa, Haijo Westra (eds).

Reviewed by Cairns Alan (pgs: 174-175)

  • Voices of British Columbia: Stories from Our Frontier by Robert Budd

Reviewed by Jean Barman (pgs: 176-177)

  • Municipalities and Multiculturalism: The Politics of Immigration in Toronto and Vancouver by Kristin R. Good

Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 177-179)

  • Here is Where We Disembark by Clea Roberts

Reviewed by David Stouck (pgs: 179-180)

  • Valley Sutra by Kuldip Gill

Reviewed by David Stouck (pgs: 179-180)

  • The Cowichan Valley: Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmtih and Region by Georgina Montgomery

Reviewed by David Thomas (pgs: 180-181)

  • Missing Women, Missing News: Covering Crisis in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside by David Hugill

Reviewed by Tyler McCreary (pgs: 181-183)

  • Resurrecting Dr. Moss: The Life and Letters of a Royal Navy Surgeon, Edward Lawton Moss MD, RN, 1843-1880 by Paul C. Appleton, Edited by William Barr

Reviewed by Cary C. Collins (pgs: 183-185)

  • Policing the Fringe: The Curious Life of a Small-Town Mountie by Charles Scheideman

Reviewed by Ben Bradley (pgs: 185-186)

  • The Quadra Story: A History of Quadra Island by Jeanette Taylor

Reviewed by Howard Stewart (pgs: 186-187)




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