Book Reviews



  • Living Proof: The Essential Data-Collection Guide for Indigenous Use-and-Occupancy Map Surveys by Terry Tobias

Reviewed by Thomas McIlwraith (pgs: 143-145)

  • Forestry and Biodiversity: Learning How to Sustain Biodiversity in Managed Forests by Fred L Bunnell, Glen Dunsworth (eds)

Reviewed by David Brownstein (pgs: 145-147)

  • Greenscapes: Olmsted's Pacific Northwest by Joan Hockaday

Reviewed by Larry McCann (pgs: 147-148)

  • The Aquaculture Controversy in Canada: Activism, Policy, and Contested Science by Nathan Young, Ralph Matthews

Reviewed by Jaime Yard (pgs: 148-152)

  • Historical Dictionary of the Discovery and Exploration of the Northwest Coast of America by Robin Inglis

Reviewed by I.S. Maclaren (pgs: 152-155)

  • Profit and Ambition, The North West Company and the Fur Trade 1779-1821 by David A. Morrison

Reviewed by Marie Elliott (pgs: 155-156)

  • Peter O'Reilly: The Rise of a Reluctant Immigrant by Lynn Stonier-Newman

Reviewed by Cole Harris (pgs: 156-157)

  • Inside Chinatown: Ancient Culture in a New World by Robert Amos, Kileasa Wong

Reviewed by Larry Wong (pgs: 157-158)

  • Chinese Community Leadership: Case Study of Victoria in Canada by David Chuenyan Lai

Reviewed by Larry Wong (pgs: 158-161)

  • A Thousand Dreams: Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and the Fight for Its Future by Lori Culbert, Neil Boyd, Larry Campbell

Reviewed by Gordon Roe (pgs: 161-162)

  • Burlesque West: Showgirls, Sex, and Sin in Postwar Vancouver by Becki Ross

Reviewed by Lara Campbell (pgs: 162-164)

  • BravO! The History of Opera in British Columbia by Rosemary Cunningham

Reviewed by Jane O. Hastings (pgs: 164-165)






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