McBride of McKenna-McBride: Premier Richard McBride and the Indian Question in British Columbia

  • Patricia E. Roy University of Victoria
Keywords: Indians, land policy, Richard McBride, Songhees, Kitsilano, Nass and Skeena Valleys, Vancouver, Tsimshian, Prince Rupert, land claims, Indian Reserves, Victoria


To those who study the history of the First Nations in British Columbia, the Royal Commission on Indian Affairs in British Columbia, popularly known as the McKenna-McBride Commission, a joint federal-provincial project, is a familiar document.McKenna as a commissioner is well known but who was McBride?Richard McBride, a native British Columbian though not of aboriginal ancestry, was the Conservative premier of British Columbia, 1903-1915.As the winner of four consecutive provincial elections, he understood popular opinion in the province so an examination of his views on the “Indians” provides background for the Commission.