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  • Making the News: A Times Colonist Look at 150 Years of History by Dave Obee

-Reviewed by Kenton Storey (pgs: 135-6)

  • The Man Game by Lee Henderson
  • The Chief Factor's Daughter by Vanessa Winn

-Reviewed by Mark Diotte (pgs: 136-8)

  • Native Peoples and Water Rights: Irrigation, Dams, and the Law in Western Canada by Kenichi Matsui

-Reviewed by Jenny Clayton (pgs: 138-9)

  • Wicihitowin: Aboriginal Social Work in Canada by Raven Sinclair, Michael Anthony Hart, Gord Bruyere

-Reviewed by Shelly Johnson (pgs: 140-2)

  • Bannock and Beans: A Cowboy's Account of the Bedaux Expedition by Bob White

-Reviewed by Mark Diotte (pgs: 142-3)

  • Trauma Farm: A Rebel History of Rural Life by Brian Brett

-Reviewed by Kenneth Favrholdt (pgs: 143-4)

  • West End Murders by Roy Innes
  • Seaweed on the Rocks by Stanley Evans
  • Seaweed in the Soup by Stanley Evans

-Reviewed by Chad Reimer (pgs: 144-5)

  • The Box by George Bowering

-Reviewed by Mark Diotte (pgs: 146-7)





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