Xelhs t'u7

Lil'wat/St'at'yem'c on the Constitution Expresses to Ottawa and Europe


  • Lorna Wanosts'a7 Williams




Lil'wat, Constitution Express, aboriginal rights, protest

Author Biography

Lorna Wanosts'a7 Williams

is Lil’watul, and until she retired in 2014 she held the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Knowledge and Learning in the Faculty of Education (Curriculum and Instruction) and Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria. Dr. Williams is an educator with many years of experience in Aboriginal education, Indigenous language revitalization, curriculum development, teacher development, mediated learning, cognitive education, effects of colonization on learning, and Indigenous ways of knowing. She is a trainer in Instrumental Enrichment and Bright Start. Lorna co-directed a series of videos called First Nations: The Circle Unbroken made available to all BC schools and she was co-producer and subject of the Gemini award-winning film, The Mind of a Child. She has written children’s books, teachers’ guides, and developed Lil’wat language curriculum to teach people to read and write the Lil’wat language, which was exclusively oral until 1973.