Book Reviews



  • Writing British Columbia History, 1784-1958 by Chad Reimer

—Reviewed by Kenneth Favrholdt (pgs: 103-5)

  • Contesting Clio's Craft: New Directions and Debates in Canadian History by Michael Dawson, Christopher Dummitt

—Reviewed by Allan Smith (pgs: 105-7)

  • The Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names: A Complete Reference to Coastal British Columbia by Andrew Scott

—Reviewed by Mark Diotte (pgs: 107-9)

  • UBC: The First 100 Years by Eric Damer, Herbert Rosengarten

—Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 109-11)

  • Voices Raised in Protest: Defending North American Citizens of Japanese Ancestry, 1942-49 by Stephanie Bangarth

—Reviewed by Andrea Geiger (pgs: 111-2)

  • Private Grief, Public Mourning: The Rise of the Roadside Shrine in BC by John Belshaw, Diane Purvey

—Reviewed by Ben Bradley (pgs: 112-3)

  • Up Chute Creek: An Okanagan Idyll by Melody Hessing

—Reviewed by Theresa Kishkan (pgs: 114-5)

  • David Suzuki: The Autobiography by David Suzuki
  • The Big Picture: Reflections on Science, Humanity, and a Quickly Changing Planet by David Suzuki, Dave Robert Taylor

—Reviewed by Melody Hessing (pgs: 115-6)

  • The Manly Modern: Masculinity in Postwar Canada by Christopher Dummitt

—Reviewed by Jarrett Rudy (pgs: 117-9)






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