The ethno-genesis of the mixed-ancestry population in New Caledonia

  • Duane Thomson UBC-O
Keywords: Carrier, Hudson's Bay Company, Metis, New Caledonia, fur trade, colonization, aboriginal rights, Mixed-ancestry, metis


Mixed-ancestry people in BC likely do not qualify for Metis status under the criteria set by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Powley case. Both the host Carrier and the HBC were effective in keeping aliens and competitors from Carrier lands before 1858. No self-identifying Metis community had establsihed in northern BC by the time of effective British control, which I determine to be on or before 1866. Immigrant mixed-ancestry people, whose aboriginal background was not in New Caledonia could not bring aboriginal rights with them as aboriginal rights are contextual and site specific.

Author Biography

Duane Thomson, UBC-O
Associate Professor of History, Emeritus