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  • Aboriginal Slavery on the Northwest Coast of North America by Leland Donald

-Reviewed by Christon I. Archer (pgs: 104-8)

  • The Pleasure of the Crown: Anthropology, Law and First Nations by Dara Culhane

-Reviewed by Joanne Drake-Terry (pgs: 108-10)

  • Paldi Remembered: 50 Years in the Life of a Vancouver Island Logging Town by Joan Mayo

-Reviewed by Sarjeet Singh Jagpal (pgs: 110-1)

  • A Woman of Influence: Evlyn Fenwick Farris by Sylvie McClean

-Reviewed by Susan Johnston (pgs: 112-3)

  • The Gentle Anarchist: A Life of George Woodcock by Douglas Fetherling

-Reviewed by Ivan Avakumovic (pgs: 113-4)

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