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  • Dream City: Vancouver and the Global Imagination by Lance Berlowitz

-Reviewed by Lawrence D. McCann (pgs: 107-9)

  • Radical Campus: Making Simon Fraser University by Hugh Johnston

-Reviewed by James Pitsula (pgs: 109-11)

  • British Columbia: Land of Promises by Patricia E. Roy, John Herd Thompson

-Reviewed by Robert Campbell (pgs: 111-3)

  • Stanley Park's Secret: The Forgotten Families of Whoi Whoi, Kanaka Ranch and Brockton Point by Jean Barman

-Reviewed by Sean Kheraj (pgs: 113-5)

  • Coming to Shore: Northwest Coast Ethnology, Traditions, and Visions by Marie Mauze, Michael E. Harkin, Sergei Kan

-Reviewed by Robert L.A. Hancock (pgs: 115-8)

  • Second Growth: Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia by Sean Markey, John Pierce, Mark Roseland, Kelly Vodden

-Reviewed by Tracy Summerville (pgs: 118-20)

  • A Political Space: Reading the Global through Clayoquot Sound by Warren Magnusson, Karena Shaw

-Reviewed by David B. Tindall (pgs: 120-3)

  • A Choosen Path: From Moccasin Flats to Parliament Hill by Frank Oberle
  • Finding Home: A War Child's Journey to Peace by Frank Oberle

-Reviewed by Christian Lieb (pgs: 123-5)

  • An Okanagan History: The Diaries of Roger John Sugars, 1905 to 1919 by John A. Sugars

-Reviewed by Paul Koroscil (pgs: 125-7)

  • Coldstream: The Ranch Where It All Began by Donna Yoshitake Wuest

-Reviewed by Wayne Norton (pgs: 127-9)

  • Undelievered Letters to Hudson's Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57 by Judith Hudson Beattie, Helen M. Buss

-Reviewed by Carolyn Podruchny (pgs: 129-30)




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