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  • Vanishing British Columbia by Michael Kluckner

-Reviewed by Jill Wade (pgs: 115-6)

  • Atlas of Pacific Salmon by Xanthippe Augerot

-Reviewed by Joseph E. Taylor (pgs: 116-8)

  • Maria Mahoi of the Islands by Jean Barman
  • The Remarkable Adventures of Portuguese Joe Silvey by Jean Barman

-Reviewed by Michelle La Flamme (pgs: 119-22)

  • Nationalism from the Margins: Italians in Alberta and British Columbia by Patricia K. Wood

-Reviewed by Gabriele Scardellato (pgs: 123-7)

  • High Boats: A Century of Salmon Remembered by Pat Wastell Norris

-Reviewed by Keith Ralston (pgs: 127-8)

  • Clearcut Cause by Steve Anderson

-Reviewed by Michael Egan (pgs: 128-9)

  • Danger, Death and Disaster in the Crowsnest Pass Mines, 1902-28 by Karen Buckley

-Reviewed by Andrew Yarmie (pgs: 129-31)

  • Surveying Northern British Columbia: A Photojournal of Frank Swannell by Jay Sherwood

-Reviewed by Fran Gundry (pgs: 131-2)

  • The Wheel Keeper by Robert Pepper-Smith

-Reviewed by Gabriele Scardellato (pgs: 132-4)

  • Murder in the Monashees: A Mystery by Roy Innes

-Reviewed by Jocelyn Smith (pgs: 134-6)




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