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  • The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, 1577-1580 by Samuel R. Bawlf

-Reviewed by Christon I. Archer (pgs: 101-3)

  • Selling British Columbia: Tourism and Consumer Culture, 1890-1970 by Michael Dawson

-Reviewed by Steve Penfold (pgs: 103-5)

  • Whispering in Shadows by Jeannette Armstrong
  • In the Shadow of Evil by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier

-Reviewed by Jeanne Perreault (pgs: 105-8)

  • Songhees Pictorial: A History of the Songhees People as Seen by Outsiders, 1790-1912 by Grant Keddie

-Reviewed by John Lutz (pgs: 108-10)

  • Constructing Cultures Then and Now: Celebrating Franz Boas and the Jesup North Pacific Expedition. Contributions to Circumpolar Anthropology, vol.4 by Igor Krupnik, Laurel Kendall

-Reviewed by David G. Anderson (pgs: 110-12)

  • Wartime Images, Peacetime Wounds: The Media and the Gustafsen Lake Standoff by Sandra Lambertus

-Reviewed by Kenneth G. Brealey (pgs: 112-4)

  • Landscapes of Conflict: The Oregon Story, 1940-2000 by William G. Robbins
  • Landscapes of Promise: The Oregon Story, 1800-1940 by William G. Robbins

-Reviewed by Theodore Binnema (pgs: 114-7)

  • A Modern Life: Art and Design in British Columbia, 1945-1960 by Ian Thom, Alan Elder

-Reviewed by Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe (pgs: 117-20)

  • Watara- Dori (Birds of Passage) by Mitsuo Yesaki

-Reviewed by Michiko Midge Ayukawa (pgs: 120-1)

  • A Stain upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming by Betty C. Keller, Alexandra Morton, Stephen Hume, Rosella Leslie

-Reviewed by Lissa Wadewitz (pgs: 121-3)

  • One Rivier, Two Cultures: A History of the Bella Coola Valley by Paula Wild

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 123-4)

  • Healing in the Wilderness: A History of the United Church Mission Hospitals by Bob Burrows

-Reviewed by Norman Knowles (pgs: 124-6)




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