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  • Unmarked Landscape Along Highway 16 by Sarah de Leeuw

-Reviewed by Sarah de Leeuw (pgs: 107-8)

  • Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada by W.H. New

-Reviewed by Richard J. Lane (pgs: 108-12)

  • The Old Red Shirt: Pioneer Poets of British Columbia by Yvonne Mearns Klan

-Reviewed by W.H. New (pgs: 113-4)

  • Vancouver: A Novel by David Cruise, Allison Griffiths

-Reviewed by Larry Grant (pgs: 114-6)

  • House Built of Rain by Russell Thornton
  • Taking the Names Down from the Hill by Phillip Kevin Paul
  • The Witness Ghost by Tim Bowling

-Reviewed by Laurie Ricou (pgs: 116-7)

  • Clearcut Cause by Steve Anderson

-Reviewed by Michael Pullman Egan (pgs: 117-8)

  • Framing the West: Race, Gender, and the Photographic Frontier in the Pacific Northwest by Carol Williams

-Reviewed by Kim Greenwell (pgs: 118-20)

  • The Whaling Indians: Legendary Hunters by Edward Sapir, Morris Swadish, Alexander Thomas, John Thomas, Frank Williams

-Reviewed by Umeek E.R. Atleo (pgs: 120-2)

  • Oregon's Promise: An Interpretive History by David Peterson del Mar

-Reviewed by Roderick J. Barman (pgs: 122-4)

  • Wires in the Wilderness: The Story of the Yukon Telegraph by Bill Miller

-Reviewed by Georgiana Ball (pgs: 124-6)

  • The Nature of Gold: An Environmental History of the Klondike Gold Rush by Kathryn Morse

-Reviewed by William R. Morrison (pgs: 126-8)

  • L.D.: Mayor Louis Taylor and the Rise of Vancouver by Daniel Francis

-Reviewed by Robert A.J. MacDonald (pgs: 128-30)

  • Rafe: A Memoir by Rafe Mair
  • Still Ranting: More Rants, Raves and Recollections by Rafe Mair

-Reviewed by Robert A. Campbell (pgs: 130-2)

  • Negotiated Memory: Doukhobor Autobiographical Discourse by Julie Rak

-Reviewed by Myler Wilkinson (pgs: 132-4)

  • The Slocan: Portrait of a Valley by Katherine Gordon

-Reviewed by W.A. Sloan (pgs: 134-5)




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