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  • Fish versus Power: An Environmental History of the Fraser River by Matthew Evenden

-Reviewed by Joseph E. Taylor (pgs: 297-9)

  • Plants of Haida Gwaii by Nancy Turner

-Reviewed by Douglas Deur (pgs: 299-301)

  • Greenpeace by Rex Weyler

-Reviewed by Michael M'Gonigle (pgs: 301-3)

  • Your Land and Mine by Edgar Wayburn, Allison Alsup

-Reviewed by Mark Harvey (pgs: 303-4)

  • Wildfire Wars: Frontline Stories of BC's Worst Forest Fires by Keith Keller
  • Fire: A Brief History by Stephen J. Pyne

-Reviewed by Carla M. Burton (pgs: 304-9)

  • Seal Wars: Twenty-five Years on the Front Lines with Harp Seals by Paul Watson
  • The Greenpeace to Amchitka: An Environmental Odyssey by Robert Hunter
  • Making Waves: The Origins and Future of Greenpeace by Jim Bohlen
  • Shadow Warrior: The Autobiography of David McTaggart, Founder of Greenpeace International by David McTaggart

-Reviewed by Arn Keeling (pgs: 309-12)

  • Regulating Eden: The Nature of Order in North American Parks by Joe Hermer

-Reviewed by James Murton (pgs: 312-3)

  • Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy by David R. Boyd

-Reviewed by Jeremy Rayner (pgs: 313-5)

  • Taking Stands: Gender and the Sustainability of Rural Communities by Maureen G. Reed

-Reviewed by Karena Shaw (pgs: 315-7)

  • Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest by Russell Link

-Reviewed by Lillian Ford (pgs: 317-8)

  • Game in the Garden: A Human History of Wildlife in Western Canada to 1940 by George Colpitts
  • A Passion for Wildlife: The History of the Canadian Wildlife Service by J. Alexander Burnett

-Reviewed by Darcy Ingram (pgs: 318-21)

  • From a Victorian Garden: Creating the Romance of a Bygone Age Right in Your Own Backyard by Michael Weishan, Christina Roig

-Reviewed by Brenda Peterson (pgs: 321-2)

  • Natural Light: Visions of British Columbia by David Nunuk

-Reviewed by Mollie Ralston (pgs: 322)




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