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  • Cougar Annie's Garden by Margaret Horsfield

-Reviewed by Jean Barman (pgs: 113-4)

  • At Home Afloat: Women on the Waters of the Pacific Northwest by Nancy Pagh

-Reviewed by Alison Prentice (pgs: 114- 16)

  • Captain Cooks World: Maps of the Life and Voyages of James Cook R.N. by James Robson

-Reviewed by Daniel Clayton (pgs: 116-7)

  • Noble, Wretched, and Redeemable:Protestant Missionaries to the Indians in Canada and the United States, 1820-1900 by C.L. Higham

-Reviewed by Susan Neylan (pgs: 118- 9)

  • The Illustrated History of British Columbia by Terry Recksten

-Reviewed by Hugh Johnston (pgs: 120-1)

  • Labouring the Canadian Millennium: Writings on Work and Workers, History and Historiography by Bryan D. Palmer

-Reviewed by (pgs: 122-3)

  • School Leadership: Essays on the British Columbia Experience, 1872-1995 by Thomas Fleming

-Reviewed by Daniel J. Brown (pgs: 123-5)




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