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  • Privileging the Past: Historicism in the Art of the Northwest Coast by Judith Ostrowitz
  • The Changing Presentation of the American Indian: Museums and Native Cultures by W. Richard West

-Reviewed by Brenda Trofanenko (pgs: 92-4)

  • Trading Identities: The Souvenir of Native North American Art from the Northeast, 1700- 1900 by Ruth B. Phillips

-Reviewed by Brian S. Osborne (pgs: 95-8)

  • Solitary Raven: The Selected Writings of Bill Reid by Robert Bringhurst

-Reviewed by Joel Martineau (pgs: 98-9)

  • This Blessed Wilderness: Archibald McDonald's letters from the Columbia River, 1822-44 by Jean Murray Cole

-Reviewed by Arthur J. Ray (pgs: 100-1)

  • A Tour of Duty in the Pacific Northwest: E.A. Porcher and H.M. S. Sparrowhawk, 1865-1868 by Dwight L. Smith

-Reviewed by Roderick J. Barman (pgs: 101-3)

  • Geography of British Columbia: People and Landscapes in Transition by Brett McGillivray

-Reviewed by Ken Favrholdt (pgs: 103-105)

  • Radical Roots: The Shaping of British Columbia by Harold Griffin

-Reviewed by Brian Thorn (pgs: 105-107)

  • The IWA in Canada: The Life and Times of an Industrial Union by Andrew Parnaby, Andrew Neufeld

-Reviewed by Christopher Dummitt (pgs: 107-8)




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