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  • Music of the Alaska-Klondike Gold Rush: Songs and History by Jean A. Murray

-Reviewed by Michelle Mulder (pgs: 95)

  • American Indians in the Marketplace: Persistence and Innovation among the Menominees and Metlakatlans, 1870-1920 by Brian C. Hosmer

-Reviewed by Margaret Seguin Anderson (pgs: 96-7)

  • Haa Aaniy Our Land: Tlingit and Haida Land Rights and Use by Thomas F. Thornton, Walter R. Goldschmidt, Theodore H. Haas

-Reviewed by Charles Menzies (pgs: 97-100)

  • Those Who Fell from the Sky: A History of the Cowichan People by Daniel P. Marshall

-Reviewed by Terry Glavin (pgs: 100-1)

  • "Keeping the Lakes' Way": Reburial and the Re-Creation of a Moral World among an Invisible People by Paula Pryce

-Reviewed by Randy Bouchard (pgs: 102-5)

  • Out of the Mist: Treasures of the Nuu-chah-nulth Chiefs by Martha Black

-Reviewed by Ron Hamilton (pgs: 106-8)

  • Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique: Manufactured by Joseph Dufour et Cie 1804-05 after a Design by Jean-Gabriel Charvet by Art Gallery of New South Wales and National Gallery of Australia

-Reviewed by Roderick J. Barman (pgs: 108-10)

  • Almost a Hero: The Voyages of John Meares, R.N., to China, Hawaii and the Northwest Coast by J. Richard Nokes

-Reviewed by Bruce M. Watson (pgs: 110-1)

  • Outpost: John McLoughlin and the Far Northwest by Dorothy Nafus Morrison

-Reviewed by Morag McLachlan (pgs: 112-3)

  • The City of Yes by Peter Oliva
  • Ranald MacDonald: Pacific Rim Adventurer by Jo Ann Roe

-Reviewed by Jean Wilson (pgs: 113-5)

  • The Burden of History: Colonialism and the Frontier Myth in a Rural Canadian Community by Elizabeth Furniss

-Reviewed by Jo-Anne Fiske (pgs: 115-7)

  • Power and Place in the North American West by John M. Findlay, Richard White

-Reviewed by Robert A. J. MacDonald (pgs: 118-20)

  • Women Who Made the News: Female Journalists in Canada, 1880-1945 by Marjory Lang

-Reviewed by Veronica Strong-Boag (pgs: 120-2)




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