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  • Talk and Log: Wilderness Politics in British Columbia by Jeremy Wilson

-Reviewed by Briony Penn (pgs: 93-5)

  • The Wealth of Forests: Markets, Regulation, and Sustainable Forestry by Chris Tollefson

-Reviewed by Mike Harcourt (pgs: 95-7)

  • Red Bait! Struggles of a Mine Mill Local by Al King, Kate Braid

-Reviewed by David Roth (pgs: 97-98)

  • Aging in British Columbia: Burden or Benefit? by Herbert C. Northcott, P. Jane Milliken

-Reviewed by Megan Davies (pgs: 99-100)

  • Holding One's Time in Thought: The Political Philosophy of W.J. Stankiewicz by Bogdan Czaykowski, Samuel V. Laselva

-Reviewed by Margaret Prang (pgs: 100-2)

  • Street Names of Vancouver by Elizabeth Walker

-Reviewed by G.P.V. Akrigg (pgs: 103-4)

  • Vancouver's Society of Italians by Raymond Culos

-Reviewed by Gabriele Scardellato (pgs: 105-7)

  • The Hotel Georgia: A Vancouver Tradition by Sean Rossiter

-Reviewed by Rhodri Windsor Liscombe (pgs: 107-9)

  • Canada and Asia: Guide to Archive and Manuscript Sources in Canada by G. Raymond Nunn

-Reviewed by George Brandak (pgs: 109-110)

  • Native Visions: Evolution in Northwest Coast Art from the Eighteenth through the Twentieth Century by Steven C. Brown
  • Down from the Shimmering Sky: Masks of the Northwest Coast by Peter Macnair, Robert Joseph, Bruce Grenville

-Reviewed by Charlotte Townsend-Gault (pgs: 111-113)

  • Colonizing Bodies: Aboriginal Health and Healing in British Columbia, 1900-50 by Mary-Ellen Kelm

-Reviewed by Bruce Miller (pgs: 114-115)

  • Positioning the Missionary: John Booth Good and the Confluence of Cultures in Nineteenth-Century British Columbia by Brett Christophers

-Reviewed by John Barker (pgs: 116-7)




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