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  • A Death Feast in Dimla-Hamid by Terry Glavin

-Reviewed by Doreen Jensen (pgs: 85-6)

  • Vancouver's Voyage: Charting the Northwest Coast, 1791-1795 by Robin Fisher

-Reviewed by W. Kaye Lamb (pgs: 87-8)

  • The Northwest Coast: British Navigation, Trade, and Discoveries to 1812 by Barry M. Gough

-Reviewed by W. Michael Mathes (pgs: 88-91)

  • Emerging Issues in Forest Policy by Peter N. Nemetz

-Reviewed by Anthony Scott (pgs: 93-5)

  • Three's a Crew by Kathrene Pinkerton

-Reviewed by Richard Mackie (pgs: 95-9)

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