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  • Pacific Salmon Life Histories by C. Groot

-Reviewed by Lionel Johnson (pgs: 72-4)

  • Water in Sustainable Development: Exploring Our Common Future in the Fraser River Basin (Vol. 2) by Anthony H. J. Dorcey

-Reviewed by Mark Sproule-Jones (pgs: 74-7)

  • A Time of Gathering: Native Heritage in Washington State by Robin K. Wright

-Reviewed by Bruce G. Miller (pgs: 77-9)

  • The Voyage of Sutil and Mexicana, 1792: The Last Spanish Exploration of the Northwest Coast of America by John Kendrick

-Reviewed by Rick Hendricks (pgs: 79- 80)

  • Demon Rum or Easy Money: Government Control of Liquor in British Columbia from Prohibition to Privatization by Robert A. Campbell

-Reviewed by Stephen Tomblin (pgs: 81-2)

  • The Collected Poetry of Malcolm Lowry by Kathleen Scherf

-Reviewed by Sherrill Grace (pgs: 82-4)

  • Vancouver's Chinatown: Racial Discourse in Canada, 1875-1980 by Kay J. Anderson

-Reviewed by Timothy J. Stanley (pgs: 84-7)

  • British Columbia Local Histories: A Bibliography by Linda L. Hale

-Reviewed by Robert A. Campbell (pgs: 87-9)




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