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  • Mutual Hostages: Canadians and Japanese during the Second World War by Patricia E. Roy

-Reviewed by Audrey Kobayashi (pgs: 117-21)

  • North to Alaska! Fifty Yars on the World's Most Remarkable Highway by Kenneth Coates

-Reviewed by Claus M. Naske (pgs: 121-4)

  • Salmon Canneries: British Columbia North Coast by Gladys Young Blyth

-Reviewed by Alicja Muszynski (pgs: 124-6)

  • The Dunsmuir Saga by Terry Reksten

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 126-7)

  • The Forbidden City Within Victoria by David Chuen-Yan Lai

-Reviewed by Edgar Wickberg (pgs: 127-8)

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