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  • British Columbia: A History of the Province by George Woodcock

-Reviewed by Margaret Prang (pgs: 82-3)

  • Totem Poles by Hilary Stewart

-Reviewed by Marjorie M. Halpin (pgs: 84-5)

  • A Fruitful Century: The British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association, 1889-1989 by David Dendy

-Reviewed by Clinton L. Evans (pgs: 85-7)

  • Guest of Hirohito by Kenneth Cambon

-Reviewed by John S. Conway (pgs: 87-9)

  • Grassroots Politicians: Party Activists in British Columbia by Donald E. Blake

-Reviewed by John C. Courtney (pgs: 89-90)

  • Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Water Management: Towards Agreement in the Fraser River Basin (Vol. I) by Anthony H. J. Dorcey

-Reviewed by Mark Sproule-Jones (pgs: 91-3)

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