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  • Little Bit Know Something: Stories in a Language of Anthropology by Robin Ridington

-Reviewed by Catharine McClellan (pgs: 192-8)

  • The Story of the Sechelt Nation by Lester Peterson

-Reviewed by J.V. Powell (pgs: 198-200)

  • Western Oblate Studies I/Etudes Oblates de l'Ouest I by R. Huel

-Reviewed by Jacqueline Gresko (pgs: 200-1)

  • Ginger: The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin by Susan Mayse

-Reviewed by Jeremy Mouat (pgs: 201-4)

  • A History of the Corporation of the District of Coldstream by Margaret A. Ormsby

-Reviewed by L.G. Thomas (pgs: 204-7)

  • Our Own Master Race: Eugenics in Canada, 1885-1945 by Angus McLaren

-Reviewed by Suzann Buckley (pgs: 207-9)

  • Baxwbakwalanusiwa. Un recit Haisla/a Haisla story, raconte par/as told by Gordon Robertson by Neville J. Lincoln

-Reviewed by Emmon Bach (pgs: 209-14)

  • Senewelets: Culture History of the Nanaimo Coast Salish and the False Narrows Midden by David Burley

-Reviewed by Gregory G. Monks (pgs: 214-7)

  • An Iron Hand upon the People: The Law Against the Potlatch on the Northwest Coast by Douglas Cole

-Reviewed by Hamar Foster (pgs: 218-24)

  • Aboriginal Peoples and Politics: The Indian Land Question in British Columbia by Paul Tennant

-Reviewed by Brian Titley (pgs: 227-8)

  • Three Men and a Forester by Kenneth Drushka, Ian Mahood

-Reviewed by Jeremy Wilson (pgs: 228-31)

  • Landscape Evaluation: Approaches and Applications by Philip Dearden

-Reviewed by Gordon Brent Ingram (pgs: 231-2)

  • Landscapes of the Mind: Worlds of Sense and Metaphor by J. Douglas Porteous

-Reviewed by Laurie Ricou (pgs: 232-4)




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