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  • Regenerating British Columbia's Forests by D. P. Lavender

-Reviewed by Bart J. van der Kamp (pgs: 75-6)

  • The Same as Yesterday: The Lillooet Chronicle the Theft of their Lands and Resources by Joanne Drake-Terry

-Reviewed by Robin Fisher (pgs: 76-8)

  • Revolutionaries, Monarchists, and Chinatowns: Chinese Politics in the Americas and the 1911 Revolution by L. Eve Armentrout Ma

-Reviewed by H. M. Lai (pgs: 78-80)

  • The Pacific Northwest: An Interpretive History by Carlos A. Schwantes

-Reviewed by Laurie Ricou (pgs: 80-3)

  • Winter Sports in the West by E. A. Corbet

-Reviewed by John Dewar (pgs: 83-5)

  • The Sinking of the Princess Sophia: Taking the North Down with Her by Kenneth Coates, William R. Morrison

-Reviewed by W. Kaye Lamb (pgs: 86-7)

  • The Sea is at Our Gates: The History of the Canadian Navy by Tony German

-Reviewed by Glenn Wright (pgs: 88-90)




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