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  • Juan Perez on the Northwest Coast: Six Documents of his Expedition in 1774 by Herbert K. Beals

-Reviewed by John Kendrick (pgs: 95-7)

  • White Man's Province: British Columbia Politicians and Chinese and Japanese Immigrants, 1858-1914by Patricia E. Roy

-Reviewed by Edgar Wickberg (pgs: 97-100)

  • The Development of the Pacific Salmon-Canning Industry: A Grown Man's Game by Dianne Newell

-Reviewed by Alicja Muszynski (pgs: 100-3)

  • 'It's Up to You': Women at UBC in the Early Years by Lee Stewart

-Reviewed by Wendy Mitchinson (pgs: 103-5)

  • The Devil of De Courcy Island: The Brother XII by Ron MacIsaac, Charles Lillard

-Reviewed by David R. Elliot (pgs: 105-6)

  • Uncommon Property: The Fishing and Fish-Processing Industries in British Columbia by Patricia Marchak

-Reviewed by Geoff Meggs (pgs: 107-9)

  • Economics and the Environment: A Reconciliation by Walter E. Block

-Reviewed by Phillip Neher (pgs: 109-14)

  • Recollecting Our Lives: Women's Experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Womens Research Centre

-Reviewed by John C. Yuille (pgs: 114-6)




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