• Mark Leier
  • Bryan D. Palmer
  • Veronica Strong-Boag
  • Robert A.J. McDonald


W[h]ither Labour History: Regionalism, Class, and the Writing of BC History (pg: 61-75) by Mark Leier
(labour) (historiography) (class)

Class and the Writing of History: Beyond BC (pg: 76-84) by Bryan D. Palmer
(labour) (historiography) (class)

Moving Beyond Tired "Truths": Or, Let's Not Fight the Old Battles (pg: 84-7) by Veronica Strong-Boag
(labour) (historiography) (gender) (class)

"The West is a Messy Place" (pg: 88-92) by Robert A.J. McDonald
(labour) (historiography) (class)

Response to Professors Palmer, Strong-Boag, and McDonald (pg: 93-8) by Mark Leier
(labour) (historiography) (class)


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