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  • Environments at Risk: Case Histories of Impact Assessment by Derek Ellis

-Reviewed by Timothy R. Parsons (pgs: 85-6)

  • White Bears and Other Curiosities: The First 100 Years of the Royal British Columbia Museum by Peter Corley-Smith

-Reviewed by Eileen D. Mak (pgs: 87-8)

  • The Beloved Island: The Queen Charlotte Islands, vol. 3. by Kathleen Dalzell
  • The Ghostland People: A documentary history of the Queen Charlotte Islands 1859- 1906 by Charles Lillard

-Reviewed by Steven Acheson (pgs: 88-91)

  • The Spirit in the Land: The Opening Statement of the Gitskan and Wet'-suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs in the Supreme Court of British Columbia May 11, 1987 by Gisday Wa, Delgam Uukw

-Reviewed by Robin Ridington (pgs: 92-3)

  • After Native Claims? The Implications of Comprehensive Claims Settlements for Natural Resources in British Columbia by Norman Dale, Frank Cassidy

-Reviewed by Jim Aldridge (pgs: 94-7)

  • Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada by J.R. Miller

-Reviewed by Paul Tennant (pgs: 97-8)




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