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  • As Wise as Serpents: Five Women and an Organization that Changed British Columbia, 1883-1939 by Lyn Gough

-Reviewed by Linda L. Hale (pgs: 94-6)

  • The Vagabond Fleet by Peter Murray

-Reviewed by David J. Spalding (pgs: 96-8)

  • Whalers No More: A History of Whaling on the West Coast by William Arnold Hagelund
  • On the Northwest: Commercial Whaling in the Pacific Northwest, 1790-1967 by Robert Lloyd Webb

-Reviewed by Keith Ralston (pgs: 98-101)

  • The Other Side of Silence: A Life of Ethel Wilson by Mary McAlpine

-Reviewed by W.J. Keith (pgs: 102-3)

  • Chinatowns: Towns Within Cities in Canada by David Chuen-Yan Lai

-Reviewed by Alan F.J. Artibise (pgs: 103-5)

  • The Gumboot Navy: Memories of the Fishermen's Reserve by Carol Popp

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 105-7)

  • Researcher's Guide to British Columbia: Nineteenth Century Directories, A Bibliography & Index by John S. Lutz

-Reviewed by Robert A. Campbell (pgs: 107-8)




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