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  • Coast Salish Essays by Wayne Suttles

-Reviewed by Marjorie Mitchell (pgs: 65-7)

  • Shattered Images: Dialogues and Meditations on Tsimshian Narratives by John Cove

-Reviewed by Marjorie M. Halpin (pgs: 68-70)

  • Russia's American Colony by S. Frederick Starr

-Reviewed by Robert A.J. McDonald (pgs: 70-2)

  • A Progression of Judges: A History of the Supreme Court of British Columbia by David R. Verchere

-Reviewed by Hamar Foster (pgs: 73-6)

  • Class, Gender and Region: Essays in Canadian Historical Sociology by Gregory S. Kealey

-Reviewed by Rennie T. Warburton (pgs: 76-8)

  • Ethel Wilson: Stories, Essays, and Letters by David Stouck

-Reviewed by Helen Hoy (pgs: 78-80)

  • Alberta: Studies in the Arts and Sciences, vol. 1, no. 1 by Alberta Studies in the Arts and Sciences

-Reviewed by Margaret Prang (pgs: 80-2)




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