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  • Victims of Benevolence: The Dark Legacy of the Williams Lake Residential School by Elizabeth Furniss
  • The Oblate Assault on Canada's Northwest by Robert Choquette

-Reviewed by Lynn A. Stewart (pgs: 83-7)

  • Hail, Columbia: Robert Gray, John Kendrick, and the Pacific Fur Trade by John Scofield

-Reviewed by Christon I. Archer (pgs: 87-9)

  • On the Highest Hill by Roderick Haig-Brown

-Reviewed by Carole Gerson (pgs: 91-3)

  • A Dedicated Team: Klohn Leonoff Consulting Engineers, 1951-1991 by Cyril Leonoff

-Reviewed by John Kendrick (pgs: 93-5)

  • Pilgrims in Lotus Land: Conservative Protestantism in British Columbia, 1917-1981 by Robert K. Burkinshaw

-Reviewed by Norman Knowles (pgs: 95-7)

  • Sointula: Island Utopia by Pamela Wild

-Reviewed by J. Donald Wilson (pgs: 97-8)

  • Making Law, Order, and Authority in British Columbia, 1821-1871 by Tina Loo

-Reviewed by Daniel Clayton (pgs: 98-102)

  • The Klondike Stampede by Tappan Adney

-Reviewed by Julie Cruikshank (pgs: 102-4)

  • Roaring Days: Rossland's Mines and the History of British Columbia by Jeremy Mouat

-Reviewed by H.V. Nelles (pgs: 104-5)

  • A Heart at Leisure from Itself: Caroline Macdonald ofJapan by Margaret Prang

-Reviewed by Irene Howard (pgs: 106-8)




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