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  • From Hudson Bay to Botany Bay: The Lost Frigates of Laperouse by Russell C. Shelton

-Reviewed by John Kendrick (pgs: 81-2)

  • The Adventures and Sufferings of John R. Jewitt by Hilary Stewart

-Reviewed by Loraine Littlefield (pgs: 83-4)

  • Sappers: The Royal Engineers in British Columbia by Beth Hill

-Reviewed by Reginald Roy (pgs: 84-6)

  • The Buildings of Samuel Maclure: In Search of Appropriate Form by Martin Segger

-Reviewed by Maria Tippet (pgs: 86-7)

  • Eyes of a City: Early Vancouver Photographers 1868-1900 by David Mattison

-Reviewed by Joan M. Schwartz (pgs: 87-8)

  • Malcolm Lowry: Vancouver Days by Sheryl Salloum

-Reviewed by Donald Stephens (pgs: 88-91)

  • After Bennett: A New Politics for British Columbia by John DeMarco, Warren Magnusson

-Reviewed by Lynda Erickson (pgs: 92-4)

  • British Columbia: Its Resources and People by Charles N. Forward

-Reviewed by Trevor J. Barnes (pgs: 94-5)




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