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  • Monopoly's Moment, The Organization and Regulation of Canadian Utilities, 1830-1930 by H.V. Nelles

-Reviewed by Patricia Marchak (pgs: 65-6)

  • Will to Power: The Missionary Career of Father Morice by David Mulhall

-Reviewed by Kenneth Coates (pgs: 67-9)

  • British Columbia: Visions of the Promised Land by Brenda Lea White

-Reviewed by Laurie Ricou (pgs: 69-71)

  • Solidarity: The Rise and Fall of an Opposition in British Columbia by Bryan D. Palmer

-Reviewed by Philip Resnick (pgs: 71-3)

  • British Columbia Prehistory by Knut R. Fladmark

-Reviewed by Dale R. Croes (pgs: 73-5)

  • Lights of the Inside Passage by Donald Graham

-Reviewed by Dan Curtis (pgs: 75-7)

  • Gordon Shrum: An Autobiography by Clive Cocking, Peter Stursberg

-Reviewed by P. B. Waite (pgs: 77-9)




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