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  • Lithics and Livelihood: Stone Tool Technologies of Central and Southern Interior British Columbia by Martin Magne

-Reviewed by David Burley (pgs: 61-3)

  • Ethnic Conflict in Vancouver: An Empirical Study by Brad Breems

-Reviewed by A.B. Anderson (pgs: 63-8)

  • Vancouver's First Century: A City Album by Eve Johnson, Alice Niwinski, Anne Kloppenborg

-Reviewed by Andrea Smith (pgs: 68-70)

  • The Indians of Puget Sound: The Notebooks of Myron Eells by George Pierre Castile

-Reviewed by Michael Kew (pgs: 70-3)

  • Two Political Worlds by Donald E. Blake

-Reviewed by William Irvine (pgs: 73-5)

  • Vancouver Centennial Bibliography by Linda L. Hale

-Reviewed by Robert A.J. McDonald (pgs: 75-7)

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