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  • Indian Education in Canada. Volume 1: The Legacy by Don McCaskill, Jean Barman

-Reviewed by James St. G. Walker (pgs: 40-1)

  • The Last Frontier: A History of the Yukon Basin of Canada and Alaska by Melody Webb

-Reviewed by Kenneth Coates (pgs: 42-4)

  • More Deadly Than War: Pacific Coast Logging, 1827-1981 by Andrew Mason Prouty

-Reviewed by Robert A.J. McDonald (pgs: 44-6)

  • This Is My Own: Letters to Wes & Other Writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941-48 by Muriel Kitagawa

-Reviewed by Patricia E. Roy (pgs: 46-9)

  • Farming the Frontier: The Agricultural Opening of the Oregon Country, 1786 - 1846 by James R. Gibson

-Reviewed by Robert M. Galois (pgs: 49-51)

  • "We Were the Salt of the Earth!" The On to Ottawa Trek and the Regina Riot by Victor Howard

-Reviewed by Allen Seager (pgs: 51-3)

  • Matt and Jenny in Old Vancouver by Terry Stafford

-Reviewed by J. Kieran Kealy (pgs: 53-4)




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