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  • Working Lives: Vancouver, 1886-1986 by Veronica Strong-Boag, Andrea Smith, Allen Seager, Keith Ralston, Jeremy Mouat, Louise May, Robert A.J. McDonald, Logan Hovis, Elaine Bernard

-Reviewed by Bryan D. Palmer (pgs: 62-7)

  • Hamilton Mack Laing: Hunter-Naturalist by Richard Mackie

-Reviewed by Robin Fisher (pgs: 67-9)

  • The Chinese Connection, Getting Plugged In To Pacific Rim Real Estate, Trade, and Capital Markets by Michael Goldberg

-Reviewed by Thomas Gunton (pgs: 69-71)

  • School Wars - The Assault on B.C. Education by Crawford Kilian

-Reviewed by Thomas Fleming (pgs: 71-4)

  • Vancouver Short Stories by Carole Gerson
  • Vancouver Fiction by David Watmough

-Reviewed by Neil Besner (pgs: 74-8)

  • 'My Dear Legs...': Letters to a Young Social Democrat by Alex Macdonald

-Reviewed by Terry Morely (pgs: 78-81)

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